Our Mission

Inspired by her own experience as a social enterprise entrepreneur, designer Grace Moyd launched the WritefullyHis Foundation in 2014.  Through partnerships with nonprofits, The WritefullyHis Foundation supports the empowerment of students in East Africa by providing access to paper and pencil. The WritefullyHis Foundation aims to fuel the growth and expansion of the handwritten note across the younger generation by connecting with and providing stationery to classrooms that otherwise would not have access.

The WritefullyHis Foundation believes in the beauty and importance of the art of a handwritten letter. We support the simplicity and sincerity of handwritten letters through programs like our Christmas Campaign that educates local classrooms about East Africa, veterans, and the importance of handwritten notes. During the campaign, letters written by school-aged children are delivered to the Veteran Affairs Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia during the holiday season. In 2013, the WritefullyHis Foundation was able to collect 1,700 letters from seven different schools written on American themed stationery provided by WritefullyHis. We were blessed to have reached our goal of 10,000, extending our love and appreciation of handwritten notes further into the public sector.

Grace believes that the education of children in East Africa and around the United States is the best investment we can make. If we can provide students the basic necessities for learning, then they will be able to fill their greatest potential.